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Years 7 to 9 are an important time in a student’s academic life, providing the foundation for a confident and happy secondary learning experience

This is an exciting time for students, as they move beyond primary learning and start to explore and understand where their academic and extra-curricular passions lie.
Many students benefit from additional support at this stage of school, whether that means working with a tutor through a tricky maths topic, or having a mentor to support them to develop great organisational and executive skills.
We work closely with each family to understand every student’s needs, carefully introducing the right tutors to support their learning journey and create strong foundations for GCSEs and beyond.
Our network of tutors are all tried and trusted – they are truly invested in your child’s success, and understand the time pressures as well as the subject pressures often felt at this level. We keep in close touch with all our families to ensure students are happy and feeling confident about each subject.

How does MESC




its students
at Secondary Level?


Our curriculum from year 7-10 is based on both the Discipline and Interdisciplinary strands of the Victorian Curriculum.


Essential skills in numeracy to advanced mathematical skills are taught across our broad ranging Maths program.


Our aim is to produce literate and articulate students who can express themselves equally as well in the spoken and written forms of our language.


To become engaged citizens it is important that students have fundamental understandings about how we organise and govern our societies, how we interact with our environments and how these have changed over time.


Our Science courses aim to tap into student curiosity about their world. As a result there is a strong emphasis on practical classes in addition to learning how to communicate scientific information.


We want students to grow into their identities and become the best versions of themselves.

We display confidence, energy and fresh thinking, sharing our passion for our subjects.

We provide a stimulating school environment where students can learn, live, love and grow.

My sons are valued and respected at Mount Eliza Secondary College. My sons' educational experience of engaging learning at the college is exemplary, which encourages them to academically grow, while ensuring that their secondary school education is top class.

Lisa Ingerton


We have been parents of MESC for over 20 years. Our youngest (and sixth) child is in year 10 this year. That alone tells you how highly we regard the school, its community and its policies. We have seen many changes at the school over the past 20 years, but the one constant is the standard of excellence MESC offers and expects in both education and wellbeing.

Stephen Baker


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